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Poetry Thursday….ME

It’s not in the way that you say things
Sometimes, it’s just the things that you do
That make my spirit soar
And allow my true feelings to shine through
Cause You
Make me feel secure
You make me feel right
Through the night
I feel safe and warm
And as the early bird sings
I realize I like what you do
and what you say.
Who is this person that makes me feel
so right?
I look in the mirror and see myself and think
what a wonderful sight.
It is me who makes me feel good
this is the first thing I know.
The things I say and the things I do
i like me.

I’ve been thinking alot about personal SELF-CARE lately and realize the importance of this and how it effects everyone I come into touch with. I need and must take care of me FIRST, in order to then take care of others. So simplke yet so hard to sometimes accomplish. This poem reflects a bit of the self care I have for ME. Thanks for reading!

Just thinking….

about this cool new blog space here at wordpress. So far I am very impressed. Very easy to use and hopeful that I can put all my artwork on to this site and make it exclusive to it!

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